Windows Leopard XP OS X 1.0

Renovate your Windows and OS X operating systems

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Windows Leopard XP OS X changes the look and appearance of Windows XP to resemble Mac OS X. The software only works with Windows XP, and it will not update your software to the latest version of Mac OS X, whether Mavericks or Yosemite. The software mimics the look and appearance of Mac OS X Leopard. Certain aspects of the transformation leave out the advanced features that make using a Mac so much fun. A few missing features include the Dock and any of the advanced methods of using LaunchPad and other methods of bringing up applications.

The theme transforms your Windows operating system by applying a custom color scheme and changing key features of the software. The software is actually just a collection of files that you need to install manually on your system. However, you can do so easily by downloading the package, extracting the files and then transfer the files to the WindowsResourcesThemes folder. After transferring the files, simply right-click on the Desktop, select "Properties" and select the "Windows Leopard XP OS X" option from the Themes tab. While this might be a bit intimidating for the average user, it is worth the effort to get a Mac OS-inspired theme on your computer.

Some of the changes made to the system include a new start button inspired by the Apple logo. The entire operating system gets a grey skin similar to Mac OS X and the three Windows buttons that control window size are replaced with the green, red and yellow stoplight buttons on the Mac. The package also includes several different wallpapers from which to choose. High-quality desktop wallpapers can be difficult to find and greatly affect the overall feel of the operating system. This extra attention to personalization makes it even easier to quickly change the operating system to reflect your needs.

The package does not include everything you need to configure your system and make your Windows computer seem more Mac-like. Many of the characteristic Mac icons are missing from the package. Additionally, windows do not minimize and close using the Mac-specific effects. You might get someone that gives your computer a second look, but it is not a convincing enough transformation to convince anyone you installed Mac OS X on your PC. The Start menu is a decidedly Windows component, and it still appears in the transformation pack. One advantage of the theme is that it does not modify any of the system files. This sort of modification can cause problems to not function correctly and create installation issues.


  • Simple and safe installation of a Mac-based theme.
  • Provides many of the Mac-based images.
  • Easy to install without affecting your system files.


  • Doesn't include Mac-specific icons, such as the trash can and hard drive icons.
  • Only changes the theme and doesn't provide support for a Dock feature.
  • Keeps the formatting and file system for Windows intact, make it a less convincing Mac transformation.

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